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Apr 19, 2014

Beverage Dispensers

Reliable beverage dispensers are a necessity for every functional concession and food stand. ACityDiscount offers an array of refrigerated beverage dispensers suitable for storage and serving ice tea, juice, lemonade and frozen cappuccinos for optimal food and drink service.

Tips from the Experts: "It's important to remember when serving beverages outdoors at a concession stand, especially in the summer, that beverages still need to be cold. It is important to have a full and insulated ice bin readily available when not using refrigerated beverage dispensers." - Pete
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Carlisle 1085103 Black Non-Refrigerated Beverage Dispenser Two 3 Gallon Bowls
Cambro UC500 Ultra CamTainer 5 Gallon Insulated Portable Beverage Server
Cambro 500LCD CamTainer 5 Gallon Insulated Portable Beverage Server
Cambro UC1000 Ultra CamTainer 10 Gallon Insulated Portable Beverage Server
Cambro UC250 Ultra CamTainer 2.5 Gal. Insulated Portable Beverage Server
Carlisle CM101703 1/2 Gallon ColdMaster Beverage Dispenser
Cambro 1000LCD CamTainer 10 Gallon Insulated Portable Beverage Server
Cambro 250LCD CamTainer 2.5 Gallon Insulated Portable Beverage Server
GMCW 20/1PD Deluxe Arctic Cold Beverage Dispenser One 5.4 Gallon Bowl
Carlisle 1085003 3 Gallon Premium Beverage Dispenser - Black
Carlisle 2213 Black Premium Beverage Dispenser Nozzle Faucet IC225FD
Carlisle 10854-- 3 Gallon Beverage Dispenser
Nemco 88400-CDH Countertop Cup Dispenser w/ 3 Tubes & 4 Compartments
Nemco 88400-CDV Countertop Vertical Cup Dispenser w/ 3 Stacking Compartments
Nemco 88400-CDA Countertop Angled Cup Dispenser w/ 2 Cup Tubes
Nemco 88400-CD Spring Action Drop-In Disposable Cup Dispenser
GMCW 8/4 2.2 Gallon 4 Bowl Cold Beverage Dispenser Agitation Series
GMCW 8/3 Agitation Cold Beverage Dispenser 3 Bowls 2.2 Gallon Each
GMCW 8/2 2 Bowl Cold Beverage Dispenser 2.2 Gal/Bowl Agitation Series
GMCW 8/1 Agitation Series Cold Beverage Dispenser 2.2 Gallon / Bowl

ACityDiscount carries a variety of beverage dispensers in different sizes and styles. These dispensers can carry tea, juice and lemonade for optimal food and drink service.

ACityDiscount offers a wide selection of counter-top beverage dispensers suitable for a concession stand, cafeteria, family restaurant, bar or catered event. Browse our selection of single, double and multi-bowl juice dispensers to find the bowl capacity option that matches your beverage dispensing needs.

The Cecilware beverage dispensers are perfect for convenience stores, cafeterias, casual restaurants and concession stands, to offer their guests a variety of chilled beverage options.

For caterers that need to be able to quickly set up a bar, we offer non-refrigerated Carlisle beverage dispensers that can be placed on the countertop and filled with pre-chilled ice tea, juice or flavored water.

Interested in purchasing more bar equipment? ACityDiscount's used restaurant equipment auctions are your opportunity to get a deal on used bar equipment for a fraction of the cost of new equipment. When we need to liquidate used items, we start all online auctions at 99 cents, allowing the market to dictate the final cost of the item.