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Oct 01, 2014

Carlisle 1062307 3ea Storplus 16.6 Gallon Clear Food Storage Boxes 18x26x12"

Carlisle 1062307

Carlisle 1062307 3ea Storplus 16.6 Gallon Clear Food Storage Boxes 18x26x12

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  • Product Specifications

    Mfg.: Carlisle
    Model: Carlisle 1062307


    This listing is for three Storplus 18" x 26" x 12" food storage boxes, they are brand new and carry a warranty against manufacturing defects.

    As the leader in food safety supplies, Carlisle is continually working with operators to develope products that meet the real needs of the industry. Carlisle's CCP (Critical Control Point) Products are designed to address potential hazards for contamination in the preparation and handling of food. The StorPlus Food storage Boxes include color-coded food boxes and lids to help control the potential for cross contamination during the storage and transfer of ready to eat and raw foods. The StorPlus boxes also have the following features :
    * Use every day to organize and inventory kitchen supplies and equipment.
    * Use in catering for storage and transporting of foods, beverages, linens, and supplies.
    * Prevent cross-contamination with color coded boxes
    * RimGlow technology gives the boxes a distinct color to segregate them by usage, yet also provides crystal clarity for identifying contents at a glance.
    * Color coded boxes use the Carlisle Spectrum identification system so they can be easily integrated to your existing zone isolation program.
    * Use Red for raw meat, Blue for fish, Green for produce, Yellow for poultry, and clear for diary and cooked foods.
    * Reinforced top and bottom corners on both box and lid, to help prevent chipping and cracking.
    * Easy-grip handles have structural rib reinforcement to provide extra support for heavy loads.
    * Dishwasher safe; NSF listed
    * It has side capacity indicators for quick inventory checks; perfect for "prepping" and "portioning" of foods.
    * Quart, gallon, and liter capacity indicators offer portion control for both domestic and international use.
    * Date indicators help promote organized food storage, makes inventory checks quick and easy.
    * Non-slip textured finish on corners, sides, and bottom reduce scratches to keep boxes looking newer longer.
    * All sizes stack for easy, efficient storage; fits standard carts and racks
    * Smooth interior surface makes cleaning easy
    * Clear polycarbonate provides easy visibility, superior resistance to food acids and oils and with stand temperatures from -40°F to 212°F .

    Manufacturer Information
    List price:$344.61
    Weight:28 lbs.
    Width:18 in.
    Depth:26 in.
    Height:12 in.
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    Packing Charge:$0.00
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