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Jul 25, 2014

Cooking Thermometers

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Crestware TRMT816CB 1ea Cooking Thermometer Dial 1.6\
Crestware TRM220C 1ea 0º to 220º Carded Pocket Thermometers
Crestware TRMT663SH 1ea Digital Oven Thermometer 2.1\
Crestware TRMT663SL 1ea Refrigerator Freezer Thermometer 2.1\
Crestware TRM550C 1ea 50º to 550º Carded Pocket Thermometer
Crestware TRMDO550 1ea Dial Oven Thermometer 150º to 550ºF
Crestware TRM160C 1ea -40º to 160º Carded Pocket Thermometer
Update International THFR-17 1ea Frothing Thermometer w/ 1¾\
Update International THM-20 1ea Meat Thermometer w/ 2\
Update International THOV-20 1ea Standing Oven Thermometer 2\
Update International THCF-120L 1ea Candy Deep Fry Thermometer
Update International THCF-20D 1ea Candy Deep Fry Dial Thermometer with Clip
Update International THDP-302 1ea Digital Thermometer -40° To 302°F w/ Black Sleeve
Update International THP-180 1ea Pocket Thermometer (-40° To 180°F) with 1\
Update International THP-220 1ea 1\
Update International THP-550 1ea Pocket Thermometer 50° To 500° F w/ 1\
Update International THDP-450 1ea Digital Thermometer -40° F To 450° F
Update International THGT-20 1ea Grill Top Thermometer
Update International THOV-30 1ea Standing Oven Thermometer 3\
Crestware TRMES494 6ea Digital Spoon Scale Thermometer Small