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Oct 25, 2014

Crestware SHKR42M 6dz 2oz Panel Shakers W/ Mushroom Cap

Item #90040 is not available in our inventory, however we have similar Crestware Table Accessories items in stock.
Update SK-CUC 2 Dozen 1/2oz Square Shakers w/ Chrome Top Glass
Update SK-OV 1 Dozen Square Oil Vinegar Jar 6 oz
Update SK-PM1 2 Dozen 1oz Paneled Glass Shaker Mushroom Cap
Update SK-PM2 2 Dozen 2oz Glass Paneled Shakers
Update SK-RPF 1 Dozen 6oz Swirl Glass Shakers w/ Perforated Top
Update SK-SM 1 Dozem 2 oz Square Shakers w/ Mushroom Cap
Update SK-TWC 2 Dozen 1oz Tower Shakers w/ Chrome Top
Update OV-HDR Oil & Vinegar Chrome Wire Holders