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Sep 30, 2014

Floor Mops & Brooms

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Update MBR-16 16in Plastic Mop & Broom Racks
Update FPB-24 24in Multi-Surface Head Floor Broom
Update ABRM-60 Angle Brooms Poly Bristle 60\
Update FPB-18 18in Multi-Surface Head Floor Broom
Update CBRM-55 55in Corn Broom with Metal Handle
Update MHSH-60QC 60in Metal Quick Change Mop Handles
Update PHSH-60SL 60in Plastic Side Release Mop Handles
Update MOP#24CE 24oz Cut-End Mop Head
Update MOP#24LE 24oz Looped-End Mop Heads
Update MOP#32CE 32oz Cut-End Mop Head
Update MOP#32LE 32oz Loop End Mop Head
Winco BRM34 34in Corn Broom With Wooden Handle
Carlisle 3621961814 18in Push Broom Sweep w/ Squeege
Carlisle 3686003 30\
Carlisle 3686403 48in Industrial Broom w/ Blue Handle
Carlisle 4023200 60in White Plastic Broom Handle
Carlisle 36141603 Black Lobby Dustpan Broom Combo
Carlisle 4073100 Wall Mounted Mop and Broom Holder