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Jul 31, 2014

Knife Stones & Sharpeners

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F. Dick 9008100 Rapid Steel HyperDrill Knife Sharpener & Polisher
F. Dick 9009200 Rapid Steel Action Professional Knife Sharpener w/ Stand
Waring WKS800 Electric Knife Sharpener Three Station Commercial
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Update International G-0208 1ea 8\
Update International KS-75 1ea Hand Held Polyproplene Knife Sharpener
Update International G-0212 1ea 12\
Update International G-2T 1ea 12\
Update International G-1T 1ea 14\
F. Dick 9820001 Water-Cooled Knife Sharpener For Grinding & Honing
F. Dick 9821001 Professional Knife Sharpener, Grinding, Honing & Polishing
F. Dick 9830001 Knife Sharpener Grinding & Honing SM-160T F.Dick
F. Dick 7171130 Knife Sharpener 12\
F. Dick 7171330 Knife Sharpener 12\
F. Dick 7171135 Knife Sharpener 14\
F. Dick 7655125 Knife Sharpener 10\
F. Dick 7655130 12\
F. Dick 7655330 Knife Sharpener 12\
F. Dick 7655135 14\
F. Dick 7468125 10\
Dexter Russell EDGE-1 Manual Knife Sharpener w/ Tungsten Carbide

Knife sharpening equipment is a necessity in every commercial kitchen. Tools like knife sharpeners, sharpening stones, and sharpening steels need to be available for chefs not only to prolong the longevity of your knives, but also to keep chef's safe. ACityDiscount carries a wide selection of knife sharpening and honing equipment from top brands such as F.Dick, Dexter Russell, Waring, and Update International.

Tips from the Experts: "Traditional knife steels or honing stones are intended to straighten knife blades and bring back sharpness. They are intended to reinvigorate the blade frequently, and since they are usually as hard or less hard than most knives, they remove little to no steel from the blade. Diamond steels and sharpeners are intended to be used less frequently; they remove steel from the blade, but bring back the edge when normal steels and stones are not sufficient." - Hap