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Apr 21, 2014

Microwave Ovens, Commercial

Microwave ovens are indispensable in commercial kitchens, convenience stores, cafes and office lunchrooms for quickly reheating food. At ACityDiscount select an easy-to-use commercial microwave with a dial timer, or a programmable model, manufactured by leading foodservice equipment manufacturers.
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Sanyo EM-C1600 Commercial Restaurant 1600 Watt Microwave Oven
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2 Available
Used Amana RC17 Commercial Restaurant Counter Top Microwave Oven 1 Cu.Ft
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1 Available
Radiance TMW-1100M Commercial 1.2 CuFt Microwave Oven S/s 1000w Dial Timer
Amana HDC212 C-Max 0.6 Cu.Ft Commercial Microwave Oven Stainless 2100w
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Vollrath 40819 .9 Cu.ft Digital Microwave Oven Stainless with Timer 1450W
Amana HDC182 1800w Commercial S/s Microwave Oven 0.6 Cu.ft High Volume
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Vollrath 40830 .9 Cu.ft Microwave Oven w/ Manual Controls & Timer 1450W
Amana RMS10D 1000w Commercial Stainless Exterior Microwave Oven 0.9 Cu.ft
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Radiance TMW-1100ER 1.2 CuFt Commercial Stainless Microwave Oven 1000 Watt
Amana RFS12TS 1200W Stainless Microwave Oven 1.2 Cu.ft Medium Volume
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Amana MOC24 2400 Watt Microwave Oven Heavy Volume w/ Auto Door Opening
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Radiance TMW-1200HD Commercial 0.9 CuFt Programmable Microwave Oven S/S 1200w
Radiance TMW-1800HD Commercial 0.9 CuFt Programmable Microwave Oven S/S 1800w
Amana RFS18TS 1800W Stainless Microwave Oven 1.2 Cu.ft Medium Volume
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Amana HDC12A2 C-Max 0.6 CuFt Commercial Microwave Oven Stainless 1200w
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Amana RC22S2 Commercial 1 Cu.Ft Programmable Microwave Oven 2200w
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Amana RC30S2 Commercial 1 CuFt Microwave Oven Programmable S/s 3000w
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Amana MCE14 1.2 Cu.Ft Commercial 1400w Microwave Convection Oven Combo
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Amana MXP22 Menumaster 1.38 Cu.ft Combination Microwave Oven 5700 Watt
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Amana RCS10DSE 1.2 Cu.ft Microwave Oven Medium Volume Stainless 1000 Watts
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