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Jul 29, 2014

Seafood Display Cases

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Used Hoshizaki KN-210F 82in Refrigerated Sushi Display Case
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Federal MCG-454-DF 52\
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Federal MCG-654-DF 6ft x 54in., Refrigerated Maxi Curved Glass Seafood Case
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 MCG-854-DF Federal 8ft x 54in Refrigerated Maxi Seafood Case
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Howard / McCray Refrigeration Co SC-CFS35-4 Fish & Poultry 4ft Refrigerated Display Case 35 Series
Howard / McCray Refrigeration Co SC-CFS35-8 Fish & Poultry 8ft Refrigerated Display Case
Howard / McCray Refrigeration Co SC-CFS35-6 Fish & Poultry 6ft Refrigerated Display Case
Howard / McCray Refrigeration Co SC-CFS35-12 Fish & Poultry 12ft Refrigerated Display Case
Howard / McCray Refrigeration Co SC-CFS35-10 10ft Fish & Poultry Refrigrated Display Case Cooler
If you are a purveyor of seafood products, particularly dish, lobster, shrimp, oysters and crabs, you cannot afford to chill your delicate perishables in anything but a refrigerated display case designed to maintain the freshness of your products, while maintaining an attractive appearance to increase sales. Selected your freestanding refrigerated seafood display case from Federal, Lowe Refrigeration Inc. or Howard / McCray Refrigeration Co.