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Apr 21, 2014

Sheet Pans & Baking Pans

Pie pans, cake pans, bread pans, muffin pans, pizza pans, and many other types of bakeware are available from ACityDiscount at great prices. Stock up on full, half-size or quarter-size sheet pans for your bakery or commercial kitchen.
Tips from the Experts: "The best quality sheet pans are going to be at least 18 gauge, and will have a galvanized wire under the fold. Sheet pans without this galvanized wire tend to break down faster, and will eventually drip rust from the corners." - Mike

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Pie Pans & Pie Cut Markers

Pie Pans & Pie Cut Markers

14 Products
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Crestware SPC913 10ea See Thru Plastic 1/4 Size Sheet Pan Covers

1 Available
Crestware SP913 1ea 9\
Crestware SPC1813 1ea See Thru Plastic 1/2 Size Sheet Pan Cover

Carlisle 601825 1 Dozen Full Size Sheet Pan 18 Gauge Aluminum Bakeware
Carlisle 60322 2 Dozen 9\
Carlisle 60324 2 Dozen 10\
Carlisle 601826 1Dz Full Size Sheet Pan Heavy Duty 16ga Aluminum Bakeware
Crestware SPC913 1ea See Thru Plastic 1/4 Size Sheet Pan Cover
Focus 977110 Aluminized Steel Pie Pans 10\
Focus 977159 Aluminized Steel Pie Pans 9\
Update International SFBF-505BK 1ea 5-Roll Loaf Bread Pan Non-Stick
Carlisle 601828 1Dz Full Size Sheet Pan Perforated 18ga Aluminum Bakeware
Carlisle 601829 6ea Mini Muffin Cupcake Pan 24 Cup 1.75oz Steeluminum
Carlisle 601830 1Dz Heavy Duty Cupcake Pans 12 Cup 3.5oz Steeluminum
Carlisle 601834 6ea Cupcake Pan 12 Cup 4oz Steeluminum Bakeware
Carlisle 601837 6ea Cupcake Pan 12 Extra Large Cup 6oz Steeluminum
Carlisle 601840 6ea Heavy Duty Cupcake Pan 24 Cup 3.5oz Steeluminum
Carlisle 602424 1Dz Heavy Duty 24 Cup Muffin Pans 3oz Aluminum Bakeware
Update International PIEC-6 1ea 6 Slice Pie Cake Cutter Stainless Steel
Update International PIEC-7 1ea 7 Slice Pie Cake Cutter Stainless