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Apr 17, 2014
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We are a family owned business, and since the founding of our first factory in Istanbul, Turkey in 1992, we have been manufacturing high-end stainless steel sinks with the most advanced level of expertise in the industry. Over the last three decades we have been exporting our products to selective international markets in Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. As our reputation grew synonymous with quality, and affordability, so did our need to expand our manufacturing facilities to address specific needs of each individual market. We have now established additional factories in Ukraine, and Russia. Our goal is to become your family’s choice for a high quality sink with the reputation of superior in-house design, value, and attention to detail.

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UKINOX DXT840 Residential 33\
UKINOX D376.50.50.10 Residential 32\
UKINOX UN610.8 Residential 22\
UKINOX DS400.50.50 Residential 32\
UKINOX RS420.60.40.10* Residential 32\
UKINOX DS400.60.40 Residential 30\
UKINOX D810 Residential 32\
UKINOX FPF1000SN 16.25\
UKINOX DX760 Residential 30\
UKINOX RS838 Residential 30\
UKINOX RS558 Residential 21\
UKINOX D759 Residential 28\
UKINOX D537.60.40.10* Residential 37\
UKINOX FPF1000PC 16.25\
UKINOX D537.60.40.8* Residential 37\
UKINOX FBE900SN 25.75\
UKINOX R400.60.40.9* Residential 30\
UKINOX D537.70.30.10* Residential 32\
UKINOX D537.70.30.8* Residential 32\
UKINOX R400.50.50.9 Residential 32\