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Apr 19, 2014

Water Filtration

Water filtration is the single most important ingredient in all restaurants, bars, convenience stores, caterers, etc. At ACityDiscount, we understand the importance of a commercial water filtration system because having clean and safe water for your guests today is a top priority. Filtration systems are intended for eliminating many impurities in tap water, and we offer a variety of models to suit your specific needs.

We offer the commercial water filtration products to purify your foodservice establishment’s water and increase the life of water-reliant commercial equipment. Water filters are essential for restaurants, bars, coffee shops, fast food outlets, and convenience stores.

Tips from the Experts: "It's important to take into account all of the tasks a water filtration system will be used for when purchasing one, but it also important to determine what won't be using it either. It would be a waste to pump filtered water through a dishwasher that operates at temperatures that sterilize water, or a slop sink." - Rudy
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Used SELECTO IC 600 Beverage Ice Maker Water Filtration System
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1 Available
Used SELECTO IC 600 Beverage Ice Maker Water Filtration System

1 Available
Everpure EV9618-36 / 2CB-GW Coffee Water Filteration System Replacement Cartridge

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Everpure EV9618-36 / 2CB-GW Coffee Water Filteration Replacement Cartridge

1 Available
 EV910541 Everpure Set of 6 SO-10 10\
 EV910002 Everpure A-11 Filter Housiing for SO-10
 EV962828 Everpure Cartridge kit
 EV962829 Everpure Cartridge kit
 EV979791 Everpure MRS-20 Mineral Reduction System
 EV910091 Everpure HFC-10 Deliming System
 EV932805 Everpure High Flow CSR Triple-MC
 EV943711 Everpure High Flow CSR Quad-MC With Prefilter And Alarm
 EV979750 Everpure KleenSteam® CT Total Water Filter System
Everpure EV927570 Drinking Water Filter System QL2-OW200L
Everpure EV927241 Coffee Filtration System QC71 Filter Head Single-MH
Everpure EV932803 Fountain Beverage Plate Mounted 3-MC Filter
Everpure EV932802 Fountain Beverage Plate Mounted 2-MC Filter
Everpure EV961256 Fountain Beverage Filter MC Cartridge
Everpure EV927503 Fountain Beverage Water Filter System
Everpure EV927502 Fountain Beverage Water Filter System

ACityDiscount can supply water filtration systems specifically designed for each foodservice situation: coffee filtration, fountain beverage filtration, drinking water filtration and ice machines, plus replacement cartridges. Our affiliation with the industry's major manufacturers of water filtration systems allows us to offer you the right solution for your water quality needs.

Having a quality water filtration system is not sufficient. In order to offer your customers quality products, purchase a water filter in conjunction with your other commercial kitchen equipment. Your commercial ice machine should be installed with a new water filtration system in order to produce the highest quality ice possible. Additionally, your steam kettles, and soda dispensers should use a water filtration system to maximize their potential.

Whether you are purchasing a water filtration system for your commercial kitchen, coffee shop, bar or convenient store, you will be sure to find what you are looking for at ACityDiscount.