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ACityDiscount buyer's guides provide helpful information, guidelines, and advice on purchasing new or used restaurant & foodservice equipment. Written by restaurant professionals and our specialists who have years of experience in the business, these guides can assist you in choosing the products you need.

Currently we offer buying guides on the following subjects:

Periodically, guides will be updated and new ones added. Check back frequently to see what we've added.

Note: These buyer's guides are meant only for reference and should not be viewed as a replacement for national or local building, electrical, or fire codes. Many products require licensed or certified professionals for proper permitting and installation.

Latest Guides
10/01/14 Tips For Keeping Food Safe All Year Round
09/22/14 Tools For Preparing Foods Around Harvest Season
09/19/14 Necessary Smallwares For Craft Cocktails
09/18/14 Alternatives To High Heat Plastic
09/16/14 A Guide To Mobile Food Warming Solutions
09/03/14 Refrigerated Display Cases 101
08/13/14 Concession Progression: Tips For High End Concession Operations
08/05/14 Vacuum Sealers 101

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Sep 18, 2014 Alternatives To High Heat Plastic
Aug 05, 2014 Vacuum Sealers 101
Jul 29, 2014 Easy Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bills
Jul 16, 2014 5 Common Mistakes Holding Your Kitchen Back
Jul 15, 2014 5 Time Saving Pieces Of Equipment
Jul 11, 2014 Common Tax Breaks For Restaurants & Foodservice Operations
Jun 27, 2014 5 Steps To Make Opening A Food Truck Easy
Jun 23, 2014 A Checklist For Designing Your Kitchen
Jun 20, 2014 6 Steps To Make Restaurant Inspections Easy
Jun 12, 2014 Opening A Sushi Shop Made Easy
May 07, 2014 Food Goes Mobile: Types Of Mobile Food Businesses
Apr 11, 2014 Restaurant Equipment Brands We Love: Southbend
Mar 28, 2014 Restaurant Equipment Brands We Love: Vollrath
Mar 27, 2014 Don’t Get Burned: Important Insight When Buying A Restaurant Broiler
Mar 20, 2014 Tips For Buying Used Restaurant Equipment From Industry Experts
Mar 19, 2014 Expert Insight For Transporting Your Restaurant Kitchen Equipment
Mar 04, 2014 2014 Food Trends: Is Your Restaurant Cashing In On These High Demand Items?
Feb 13, 2014 3 Tips For Saving Space In A Commercial Kitchen
Sep 20, 2013 Pan-demonium: 5 Tips To Make Shopping For Cookware Simple
Sep 13, 2013 CAN DO: 5 Tips For Can Opener Shopping
Aug 23, 2013 10 Necessary Smallwares That Your Restaurant Can’t Live Without
Aug 02, 2013 What Goes Up Should Stay Up: A Guide To Thermometers & Temperature Probes
Jul 19, 2013 2013 Incentives For Energy Efficient Georgia Foodservice Operations
Jun 10, 2013 Golden Brown: 5 Things To Remember When Shopping For Cheesemelters Or Salamanders
Jun 04, 2013 Aw Shucks: Making It Easy To Shop For A Seafood Restaurant
May 28, 2013 Turning The Tables: Tips For Buying The Right Steam Table
May 22, 2013 Don’t Forget Your Jacket: Tips For Picking The Right Steam Kettle
May 22, 2013 Stocking Up For The Summer Catering Season
May 09, 2013 Making A Shopping List: Equipment Shopping Tips For Grocery Stores
Apr 25, 2013 The Best Of Both Worlds: Tips For Buying A Combi Oven
Apr 19, 2013 Meat N’ Greet: A Guide To Shopping For Your Butcher Shop
Apr 12, 2013 Up All Night: Shopping Tips For Those Opening A 24 Hour Diner
Mar 29, 2013 Wok-in’ n’ Rollin’: A Guide To Putting Together Your Asian Eatery
Mar 26, 2013 5 Things To Remember When Shopping For Back-Of-The-House Smallwares
Mar 01, 2013 North Of The Border: A Guide For Starting A Mexican Restaurant
Feb 25, 2013 Kicking The Tires: Tips For Purchasing Used Kitchen Equipment
Feb 22, 2013 A Guide To Fruit & Vegetable Slicers & Cutters
Feb 11, 2013 When To Choose Gas & When To Choose Electric Equipment
Dec 31, 2012 A Buyer’s Guide for Those Opening a Mediterranean Restaurant:
Dec 17, 2012 2012 Tax Incentives For Commercial Foodservice, Convenience Stores, & Concession Operations
Dec 04, 2012 Shopping Tips For The Upcoming 2013 Food Trends
Nov 19, 2012 Over Easy: Advice For Those Shopping For A Griddle
Oct 29, 2012 Pointers For Picking Out The Right Toaster:
Oct 22, 2012 All You Can Eat Advice: Tips For Those Opening A Buffet Style Restaurant
Oct 12, 2012 Tips For Picking Out The Right Work Table Or Equipment Stand
Oct 05, 2012 X-“Press” Shopping: Picking the Right Sandwich / Panini Grill
Oct 03, 2012 Hot Under The Collar: How To Keep Calm While Shopping For Heating & Warming Equipment
Oct 02, 2012 Take The Pain Out Of Finding The Right Steamer
Sep 21, 2012 Ready, SET, Go!: A Guide To Purchasing The Proper Tableware
Sep 17, 2012 Seals Of Approval: Why A Vacuum Sealer Could Benefit You
Sep 14, 2012 Resting Under Glass: Selecting The Right Display Case Made Easy
Sep 11, 2012 Stick Figures: What To Examine When Shopping For A Hand Mixer Or Immersion Blender
Sep 04, 2012 Cutting Through The Baloney: A Guide To Commercial Cutting Boards
Aug 31, 2012 A Crash Course In Induction Cooking:
Aug 23, 2012 A Back To School Buyer’s Guide For A Cafeteria
Aug 20, 2012 Tipping The Scales: A Commercial Scales Buyer’s Guide
Aug 06, 2012 Buying Broilers: A One Sided Contest
Jul 27, 2012 Ideas On The Run: A How To Guide For Opening A Convenience Store
Jul 06, 2012 A Wide “Range” Of Possibilities - Selecting Or Customizing The Right Range:
Jun 14, 2012 A Little Slice Of Knowledge: Tips For Buying The Right Pizza Oven
Jun 08, 2012 Staying Sharp: A Knife Buyer’s Guide
Jun 05, 2012 Selecting The Right Piece Of Food Preparation Equipment
Jun 01, 2012 Tips For Configuring A Dining Room & Bar Area
May 25, 2012 Selecting The Right Piece Of Restaurant Equipment & Supplies
May 16, 2012 When Is The Right Time To Upgrade Your Restaurant Equipment?
Jul 19, 2010 The Benefits of Owning a Tilting Skillet
Apr 26, 2010 3 Things to Consider When Selecting Bar & Restaurant Furniture
Feb 24, 2010 Benefits & Commercial Applications for Pizza Ovens
Jan 05, 2010 What to consider before purchasing a commercial range for a residential kitchen?
Sep 23, 2009 Restaurant Equipment Recovery Advice in Case of Emergency
Apr 30, 2009 Composting in your Kitchen: Less Waste, More Benefit
Mar 17, 2009 Pros and Cons of Buying Used Restaurant Equipment
Mar 11, 2009 Foodservice Equipment Made In the USA
May 01, 2008 Benefits of Using A Restaurant POS System
Apr 17, 2008 Energy Efficient Cooking Equipment
Dec 19, 2007 Tax Incentives for Restaurants, Bars, Convenience Stores & Concessionaires
Oct 19, 2007 Foodservice Equipment Certification Marks
Sep 27, 2007 Stainless Steel Equipment Care and Cleaning
Sep 26, 2007 Food Service Equipment Energy Rebates
Sep 05, 2007 Difference Between A Griddle & A Flat Grill
Aug 30, 2007 Selecting a Charbroiler
Aug 30, 2007 Types of Commercial Toasters

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Sep 03, 2014 Refrigerated Display Cases 101
Jul 17, 2014 Soft Serve 101: Important Features, Benefits And Ways To Save
Apr 17, 2014 Iron Clad Truth About Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines
Apr 17, 2014 Restaurant Equipment Brands We Love: Nor-Lake
Feb 26, 2014 Tips For Getting Your Ice Machine Ready For The Warmer Months Ahead
Feb 25, 2014 How To Save Money And Water With An Energy Efficient Ice Machine
Feb 07, 2014 What Style Of Ice Is Right For Your Food-Service Operation?
Nov 12, 2012 “Prep”-ping To Buy The Right Refrigerated Prep Table:
Oct 05, 2012 An Introduction To Blast Chillers
Aug 13, 2012 Reach-In For The Stars: A Reach-In Refrigerator & Freezer Buyer’s Guide
Aug 10, 2012 …And A Cherry On Top: A How To Guide For Opening An Ice Cream Parlor Or Sundae Bar
Jul 06, 2012 Don’t “Walk-In” To A Trap: A Guide To Purchasing A Walk-In Cooler Or Freezer
Nov 10, 2010 Care and Maintenance For Your Commercial Ice Machine
Jul 06, 2010 What To Consider Before Purchasing Commercial Refrigeration For Home Use
Jul 25, 2008 Which Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine Is Right For You?
Apr 18, 2008 Energy Efficient Refrigerators and Freezers
Apr 18, 2008 Energy Efficient Ice Makers
Nov 06, 2007 Selecting a Reach-in Cooler & Freezer
Nov 06, 2007 Types of Specialty Commercial Coolers
Nov 06, 2007 Benefits of Walk-in Coolers & Freezers
Nov 06, 2007 What Size Refrigerated Prep Table Do I Need?
Jun 28, 2006 What Size Commercial Ice Machine Do I Need?
May 25, 2006 Choosing the right Ice Machine