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Classic Gift Ideas for the Home Chef

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Tools and Cookware Gift Guide

When holidays, birthdays and other celebratory occasions arise, finding the perfect gift for the chef in your life may feel challenging. What do you possibly get the chef that seems to have all the things he/she may want or need? You’re faced with the obstacle of finding an amazing gift that is budget friendly to your wallet and one they’ll actually use and love. The good thing is the task of gift hunting is something that shouldn’t overwhelm you. With kitchen equipment and cooking trends constantly advancing there’s always a new appliance or tool even a cooking pro would love. By sticking with the classic kitchen tools you will never go wrong. Here’s a guideline on some of the classic appliances and tools to check out when looking for the perfect gift.

Cutting Boards

Every kitchen has at least one cutting board if not several. They are the pillar of the kitchen and choosing the right one can ensure the long life of chef knives while working as a platform for food preparation. Wood cutting boards are classic but in recent years plastic boards have been emerging in the food industry which offer more flexible cleaning options of the board than the traditional wood boards.


One of the tools that can greatly improve anyone’s cooking experience is having a good chef knife. From beginner to pro a dull knife can become a hassle and even dangerous in the kitchen. When buying a knife some of the things to consider are tang (extension of the metal blade into the handle), shape of blade for comfort-ability, and the durability of the knife depending on what the blade is made of.


Every chef needs an accurate instant read thermometer and it’s especially important for the beginner chef. It’s a necessity to know the temperature of what you are cooking, cooling and eating to keep you and those eating your dishes safe. Modern day instant read thermometers can read temperatures in a matter of seconds saving time. When looking for thermometers for someone there are a few things to consider such as, the functionality of the buttons, temperature range, and speed.


An apron is a must have for anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen and it makes for a great gifting idea. Aprons have significant functionality like guarding the cook’s clothes from spills and spills. They can also protect the cook from high heat preventing burn marks on body or clothing. For gifting, aprons are very affordable and can be customized to make more personal.

Food Scale

For the serious chef a food scale may be a great gift idea to manage portion sizes and to have the most accurate and precise measuring for baking. A food scale is an essential tool for the kitchen that most chefs use frequently.

Immersion Blender

Immersion blenders are great gift idea especially for the cook who loves to make milkshakes and smoothies, puree soups, or blends sauces. These blenders are smaller than the typical countertop blenders and are easier to clean and transport with you. Some of the important details to pay attention to when shopping for one are the weight, how easy the controllers are to use, and the blenders motor (needs to have enough force for food to circulate in the mixing bowl).

Traditional Countertop Blender

The traditional blender is a nice gift for anyone who needs to mix dough, whip creams, or crush ice to make fruit drinks. Unlike the immersion blender traditional blenders sit on the countertop and are essentially a one stop shop meaning you simply pour everything in, set your mixing settings, press the button and you’re done. One style of blender is not necessarily better than the other but rather a preference. Either blender style you choose will always make for a good gift.

Garlic Press

A stainless steel garlic press is an excellent gift idea for the garlic lover chef. Whether your chef cooks a lot of dishes that require garlic in them or they are a beginner and are not that comfortable with their knife skills yet, it’s a very handy and convenient tool that creates perfectly minced garlic. It’s simply easier than the old fashion way of cutting garlic and saves a lot more time especially due to the fact you don’t have to remove the peel from the garlic clove.

Whether the person you are buying a gift for is someone who loves to cook at home for friends and family or whether they are aspiring to become a professional chef all of these gift ideas are ones they will undeniably need and appreciate.

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