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Holiday Food Traditions of ACityDiscount Staff

Posted: Dec 20, 2010

Holiday Food Traditions of ACityDiscount Staff

At ACityDiscount we are fortunate to have a diverse staff born and raised, not just from all over the United States, but from around the world, too. Recently the staff was asked to share a little about the traditional foods prepared by their family over the holiday season. The answers are a very interesting selection of delicacies.

Pavo Relleno One of our long time staff members, and Sr. Software Engineer, Willie is originally from Ecuador. He spoke of a dish called "Pavo Relleno". Translated this dish is called "Stuffed Turkey". On the surface this dish looks like many American dishes, resembling a traditional Roast Turkey and stuffing. The stuffing is what makes this dish so interesting. The stuffing tends to be rich and complex, spiked with dried fruits, sausage, olives and nuts.
Our Marketing Manager Diana comes from Australia where her family traditionally served Plum Pudding as a desert on Christmas Day. Often made at least a month prior by steaming for several hours and hung dried in cheesecloth, the fruit pudding is reheated prior to serving by steaming again for an hour, and dressed with warm brandy, which is set on fire. It can be eaten with brandy butter, rum butter, cream, lemon cream, or custard. That kind of dessert could really be something to talk about later if you have too much. Christmas Plum Pudding
Longevity Noodles Steven, our SEO Specialist, is from Indonesia, where one of the traditional end-of-year dishes is called "Longevity Noodles". Symbolizing a long life, this is also a popular dish for birthdays and other celebratory occasions.
One of our sales staff members, Carlos, is of Cuban decent. A first generation American, a traditional dish on his table is called "puerco en la caja china". This dish is translated "Pork in a China Box." but actually in la caja china, one can roast any type of meat. A lengthy process, the pig is first cleaned and dried, then marinated for long while with a special mojito sauce injected into the skin. Roasted for upwards of four hours and longer, this Cuban dish is usually served with rice, black beans and yucca. puerco en la caja china
Souse Cheese Our Senior Administrator, Cassandra, who is from Milwaukee, has a traditional food that her father usually makes called Souse or Hog's Head Cheese. If you are familiar with it you know it is not actually cheese at all, but a meat jelly made with flesh from the head of a calf or pig (sometimes a sheep or cow) in aspic, which is a gelatin made of consume and meat stock. It is a meat dish that has origin in Europe and continues today as a delicacy.
John, our Network Administrator, is a first generation American whose parents are from the Netherlands. At his table during the holidays the family makes Raisin Filled Dutch Cookies. These delicious confections are made with nutmeg flavored dough and a raisin filling similar to compote. Dutch Filled Raisin Cookies
Cranberry Radish Relish Grandma's Cranberry Radish Relish is the tradition of Sales Assistant, David's Rhode Island family. The relish consists of radishes, raw cranberries, apples, and an orange, all put through a grinder with sugar added to macerate. In David's family Grandma's recipe is truly one of a kind.
Hap, our sales manager has a tradition during his family's holidays to make Latkes. The history of Latkes dates back over thousands of years ago, when they were made with cheese and egg only, and then fried. The word latke is of Yiddish origin, and may have come from either Germany or Russia. As Jews immigrated to the US, so did the tradition of preparing latkes with onion and potato. Many families now prepare these pancakes from recipes over 100 years old. Therefore, even though they are not prepared as in ancient times, potato latkes have a rich history as well. Latkes
Buttermilk Pie And for the rest of us, well, as all good Southerners, we have variations of traditional American fare including Steve's Prime Rib Roast, Chris' Sweet Potato Pie, Mike's Mississippi Pecan Pie, Peter's Holiday Ham, Jackson's Mother's Buttermilk Pie, and Liz's Grandmother's Oyster Dressing.
The Stack family has a boiled custard recipe that Rebecca makes every year. This is a truly southern type of dessert that is thick and rich, but not too sweet. Santa seems to enjoy this custard because when they leave it out Christmas Eve, it is always gone in the morning. Boiled Custard

Something you will usually only find in the South comes from Shan our Used Equipment Receiving Supervisor and Omar, our Used Equipment Warehouse Supervisor, which is BBQ Shine Bones. Shine bones are actually an old southern tradition dating back to when times were hard and money had to stretch a long way. If a cut by the butcher has come too close to the bone, so that the bone almost shows or "shines" through, that portion of ribs is referred to as a "shiner." While shiner cuts are considered less desirable because the bone may just fall right out during cooking, many people still use shine bones because the recipes have been passed down. Not to mention they still taste as good!

Another unique recipe is from one of the sales team members. Each Christmas Josh's family starts Christmas with his Grandmother’s Breakfast Casserole. Made with all the normal breakfast ingredients, eggs, cheese, sausage, etc… but with the addition of a can of cream of mushroom soup, and baked in a casserole dish.

We are blessed to have such an interesting and diverse staff. So here's to hoping you and your family have a wonderful holiday, from all of us at ACityDiscount! If you would like a recipe for any of these dishes please email emarketing (at)