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Whisky Mistress - Customer Highlight

"Buckhead's hottest new nightspot"

I love walking in there, and I never leave there without something.

Billy Allen
Whisky Mistress

Whisky Mistress

Whisky Mistress is owned by cousins and business partners Billy Allen and Jim Klauber, who have both been in the hospitality business for years. During his career, Billy has opened 16 bars over the course of 29 years. Located in Buckhead for the past five and a half months, Whisky Mistress has seen an uphill in success.

Located at 3161 Maple Drive NE in Buckhead Atlanta, Whisky Mistress offers live entertainment 6 nights a week, a unique menu, and an inviting ambiance, inspired by Warren Beatty’s den. Walking in, you are greeted by soft, warm, cozy colors, hardwood floors and a modern floor plan. Attracting a sophisticated crowd, patrons at Whisky Mistress range from the late 20s and older. You can also expect to enjoy a customized meal from the chef, who prepares made-to-order meals for customers to enjoy.

Allen credits his relationship with ACityDiscount to salesperson, Mike Ellin. The two met in 1986, when Billy hired Mike as a bartender and the two have maintained a close business relationship ever since. Billy describes Mike as a hardworking, knowledgeable, and honest salesman who always lets him know when he's about to make a mistake and helps him to get the best deal.

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Posted: May 16, 2016 Author: Joanne Ewell