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How To Shuck An Oyster

Shucking oysters is a skill that takes precision, technique, and usually some experience. There are slight variations in how people perform the task, but they all have the same concept.

Necessary Materials

  • Shucking Knife
  • Protective Glove or a towel
  • Oysters

3 Easy Steps to Shucking an Oyster

  1. Locate the hinge of the oyster, (not to be confused with the front of the oyster) where you will open the shell.
  2. Insert the pointed part of the shucking knife into the hinge, and gently pry or rock it to help loosen the shell. Separate the top muscle from the bottom muscle with the tool, being careful not to get shell pieces in the oyster.
  3. Ensure the oyster is loosened from the bottom muscle using your shucking knife by lightly scraping the upper shell.

You can also save some time by using an electric shucker such as Nemco Electric Proshucker.

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