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The Time to Upgrade Your Commercial Restaurant Equipment

January is a great time to make decisions about new equipment for your commercial foodservice operation. New equipment brings new possibilities and opportunities for your restaurant, café, bakery or foodservice business.

Does your business plan for 2015 include changes to your kitchen, menu or service? Are you adding healthier menu options or branching out into banquet business? Chances are new equipment will be a top priority.

New equipment brings new technology that can help to streamline efficiencies, lower overhead and utilities while contributing to a safe work environment.

Benefits of New Equipment

  • Improve food quality
  • Produce a larger quantity of food
  • Reduce utility costs
  • More environmentally friendly
  • Decrease production time through ergonomics and automation
  • Produce specialty menu items

Key Signals of Equipment Wear and Tear and Effects on Output

Commercial equipment works very hard. Wear and tear will happen. While kitchen staff should be trained to do regular cleaning and equipment should be maintained regularly by a professional service, at some point replacing and upgrading your operations is to be expected.

Ventilation Hoods

  • Damaged filters
  • Changes in the patina
  • Rust, corrosion, dents
  • Quality of circulation


  • Food spoils or not storing properly
  • Variations in temperature calibration
  • Excessive heat thrown from equipment
  • Leaks

Deep Fryers

  • Metal fatigue in the tubs (perforations and pitting)
  • Pilot light (gas models) does not stay lit
  • Temperature of oil is not consistent or is slow to increase and output not satisfactory or able to keep up with demand/sales.

Gas Ranges

  • Pilot light does not stay lit
  • Electronic ignition does not work
  • Temperature fluctuations (resulting in food not being cooked properly)
  • Holes in the burners

Growth Opportunities for Commercial Food Service Businesses by Investing in New Equipment

Kitchen equipment needs vary tremendously. Does your business rely on reheating ready- made products requiring automation or cook from scratch in station-designed kitchen? By creating a process plan and a cost analysis for your restaurant, it will be evident how an investment in new equipment will be the cornerstone of your productivity and profitability.

Menu changes and adaptations are more easily implemented with the investment of new equipment. Improve nutritious and healthier output by installing a steamer. Be ‘on trend’ and add a new dehydrator that can add complexity to the menu and cut down on wastage.

New Equipment Equals Profitability and Increased Sustainability

  • Improve food quality to meet and exceed customer expectations
  • Reduce overhead costs
  • Create new methods of food preparation enabling frequent menu changes
  • Better and more efficient food processes with labor saving options
  • More efficient and easy to clean

Let the staff at ACityDiscount assist you with your new commercial restaurant equipment questions. Our team is ready to help you make 2015 a great year for your business!

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