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Perlick Warranty

Perlick products are guaranteed against defects in both material and workmanship for a period of one year from date of sale. Defective parts will be replaced on a no-charge basis, F.O.B. our factory, when adjudged defective upon inspection. We are not responsible for parts damaged by alteration, unauthorized service, accident or abuse. All costs incident to replacement, to include freight, labor and/or loss of sales, must be borne by the user.

The Perlick Corporation will warrant to the original user the sealed-in mechanism consisting of the motor compressor and component parts within the sealed housing of the condensing unit for an additional period of four years following the regular one-year warrant period. This plan applies to the compressor only, installed within the United States and Canada.

In addition to Perlick's one year parts warranty, and five year compressor warranty, ALL PERLICK REFRIGERATION SYSTEMS are offered with a 90 day labor/service warranty at no extra charge. Perlick's 90 Day labor/service warranty provides that Perlick will reimburse the selling dealer for the cost of any labor to replace any defective part for up to 90 days after installation, subject to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Parts returned to Perlick shall be returned freight prepaid and shall be identified with Perlick's serial number and return authorization number.
  2. Improper operation due to voltage variances, inadequate wiring and physical damage is the responsibility of the purchaser. They are not manufacturing defects.
  3. Condenser coils shall be cleaned regularly. Failure to provide an adequate flow of cooling air will void this warranty.
  4. The term Original Purchase shall mean that person, firm, association, or corporation for whom the unit was originally installed.
  5. Factory-specified maintenance and installation will be provided by the selling dealer who shall also be responsible for the installation and setup of these products in accordance with local plumbing, refrigeration and electrical codes.

Perlick's 90 day labor/service policy applies to the United States and Canada. It does not apply to refrigeration systems added by others (remote systems) or any part which has been subject to misuse, neglect, alteration, accident, or to any damage caused by transportation, flood, fire or other acts of God.

Perlick's 90 day service/labor warranty provides that Perlick's registration card be filled in and mailed within ten days after the date of installation. Failure to reply promptly could void Perlick's labor/service warranty.

Perlick's 90 day labor warranty can be extended to one year with the purchase of a one year labor warranty. To obtain this protection, order as follows: No. 365 One Year Labor Warranty $85.00 net price

Glasswashers carry a one-year labor warranty at no additional cost. See Perlick's Glasswasher Warranty Statement for details or contact your local Perlick representative for more information.

Perllck is committed to continuous improvement. Therefore we reserve the right to change prices, specifications and policies without prior notice.