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Jul 28, 2014

Coffee Accessories

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Bloomfield 8851S Single Decatner Countertop Coffee Warmer Plate
Bloomfield 8852D Dual Decatner Countertop Coffee Warmer Plate
Bloomfield 8708DSU Integrity Dual Decanter Step-Up Countertop Warmer Plate
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Bloomfield 3011-CONDHLD Three Tier Condiment Station w/ Stir Stick Holder
Dispense-Rite SLV-H-1BT Countertop Coffee Sleeve Dispenser Black
Update International DT-3545 1ea 3.5\
Update International SSD-AC 1ea Acrylic Stir Dispenser 5.6\
Update International BC-3 1ea 3oz Bell Coffee Creamer Server Stainless Steel
Update International ESC-10 1ea S/s 10oz Economy Creamer Server
Update International SS-10 1ea Stainless 10oz Stacking Creamer Server
Update International BC-5 1ea 5oz. Restaurant Bell Creamer
Update International CS-*** 1ea Coffee, Tea, Beverage Chain Sign, Various Options
Adcraft WP-2 Dual Pot Countertop Coffee Pot Heating & Warming Plate
G.E.T. TM-1308-** 2 Dozen - 8 oz 3\
G.E.T. TM-1208-P 2 Dozen - 8 oz SAN Stackable Coffee Mug Princeware
G.E.T. C-1001-** 1 Dozen - 18 oz Melamine Coffee Mugs Available in 3 Colors
Astra EVERPURE BH/ESO Everpure Coffee Machine Water Filter & Softener System
Update International SV-100 1ea 1 Liter/33oz Vacuum Insulated Cream Server Stainless

Update International SV-70 1ea 24oz Vacuum Insulated Creamer Server Stainless
Bloomfield DCF8885O3 3-Pack Of (Decaf) Plastic Decanters