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Jul 31, 2014

Other Restaurant Tools

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Nemco 8150-RS 1 LB. Capacity 4\
Crestware BSK40 Aluminum 40 Quart Restaurant Food Steamer Basket
Nemco 8150-RS1-220 1 LB. Capacity 220 Volt 4\
Crestware BSK30 Commercial 30 Quart Food Steamer Basket
Comark UTL882 Electronic 24 Hour Timer with Clock
Comark UTL264 Big Digit Electronic Timer
Update International PCD-STD 1ea Pancake Batter Dispenser Stand
Update International WSCR-4PH 1ea 4\
Update International MTH-18P 1ea 18\
Update International MTH-24P 1ea 24\
Update International SM-M 1 Bag of 1000 Plastic Steak Markers WHITE (Medium)
Update International SM-MR 1 Bag of 1000 Plastic Steak Markers PINK (Medium Rare)
Update International SM-MW 1 Bag of 1000 Plastic Steak Markers YELLOW (Medium Well)
Update International SM-R 1 Bag of 1000 Plastic Steak Markers RED (Rare)
Update International SM-W 1 Bag of 1000 Plastic Steak Markers TAN (Well)

Update International RHDL-S 1ea Silicone Pan Grip Fits 7\
Update International TIM-60LR 1ea 60 Min Long Ring Mechanical Timer
Update International MTH-13P 1ea 13\
Nemco 8150-RS1 1 LB. Capacity 120 Volt 4\

Many kitchens require tools and utensils that don't necessary fall into broader categories. Item specific tools have their place in certain operations, and ACityDiscount does it's best offer as many of these specialty prep / cooking tools for our customers as possible. Things like egg rings, pancake batter dispensers, or biscuit cutters may not be needed in every operation, but are indispensable in others. If there is a specific prep or cooking tool your operation requires that may not be on our website, contact us directly and one of our sales representatives will do their best to accommodate your business' specific needs.

Tips from the Experts: "There are some items specifically designed to make the lives of cooks easier. A pancake batter dispenser is a perfect example of one such item. There are a number of ways to put pancake batter on a griddle, but a dispenser not only speeds up the process, but also helps cooks portion consistently, and create less of a mess in the process." - Maria