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Sep 21, 2014

Inventory ID 89954 is not available in our inventory.

  • Detecto 1051TBS** Manual Baker\'s Dough Scale Stainless Steel 16lb or 8kg Cap
     10840 Two Dial Platform Scale 220lb 100 kg Capacity
     DSSS20KG44LB Stainless Steel 44lb Capacity Dial Face Scale
     DHS10KG22LB Two Dial 22lb Capacity Stainless Steel Hanging Scale
     DSSS1KG2.2LB Stainless Dial Face Scale 2lb Capacity
     DSSS2KG4.4LB Stainless Steel Dial Face Scale 4lb Capacity
     DSSS5KG11LB Stainless Steel Dial Face Scale 11lb Capacity
     DSSS10KG22LB Stainless Food Prep Scale 22lb Capacity Manual