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Sep 15, 2014


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Allpoints Foodservice Parts & Supplies 26-4065 Pelican Head Assembly For #12 Hub Graters
 FGSM10 Electric Cheese & Bread Grater 1HP w/ Microswitch
 FGSM15 Electric Cheese & Bread Grater 1.5 HP w/ Microswitch
Crestware SSG4 Stainless Steel Tapered Sided Grater
Update International CG-RTY 5.5in Manual Cheese Grater
Update International CG-RTY 5.5in Cheese Grater
4 HP Commercial Electric Cheese Grater GFHP4
 GFHP5 5 HP Commercial Electric Cheese Grater
 FGS101 Electric Hard Cheese & Bread Grater
Allpoints Foodservice Parts & Supplies 18-5334 12\
Focus KCHG Manual Cheese Grater
 BG80 1.5 HP Bread Grater
GMCW GRATE1 .5 HP Medium Duty Cheese Grater Counter Top
This item is discontinued
 FGS121 FMA Electric 1.5HP Cheese Grater
This item is discontinued
Tips from the Experts: "Depending on the needs of your operation, it may be best to get a grater attachment for your commercial mixer. They provide similar results to an electric grater, and can save you from having to buy another piece of costly equipment." - Krista