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Oct 25, 2014

Turners, Spatulas

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Crestware PS10H High Heat 10in Plastic Spatula
Crestware PS135S 13.5in Spoon Shaped Spatula
Crestware WHT103 Round End Flex Turner 10in x 3in w/ Handle
Crestware WHT93 Square End Flex Turner 9in x 3in w/ Hand
Crestware WHHD45 Heavy Duty Turner 4in x 5in w/ Wood Handle
Crestware WHHT63 Heavy Duty Turner 6in x 3in Square End w/ Handle
Crestware PS14H High Heat 14in Plastic Spatula
Crestware PS16H High Heat 16in Plastic Spatula
Crestware PS165 16.5in Spatula Scraper
Crestware PS95 9.5in Spatula Scraper
Crestware PHHT63 Heavy Duty Turner 6in x 3in w/ Plastic Handle
Crestware PS135 13.5in Spatula Scraper
Crestware WHHD43 Heavy Duty Turner 4in x 3in w/ Wood Handle
Mercer M18300 S/s 8\
Mercer M18310 Stainless Steel 8\
Mercer M18340 Stainless 5\
Mercer M18350 Stainless Steel 8\
Mercer M33183 Stainless 7\
Update NKU-04 12.5in Heat Resist Slotted Turner Spatula
Update NKU-05 Heat Resist Nylon Fish Turners Spatulas