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Frymaster RE14-SD High Efficiency 50lb Cap. Heavy Duty Electric Fryer 14kw

Frymaster RE14-SD

Frymaster RE14-SD High Efficiency 50lb Cap. Heavy Duty Electric Fryer 14kw

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Product Specifications

Mfg.: Frymaster
Model: Frymaster RE14-SD

This item is shipped new, directly from the manufacturer.

Please note image is for reference only. Fryer comes standard with Legs. Casters are available separately.


Minimum 40lbs (20 liters) and maximum 50 lbs. (25 liters) shortening capacity. The frying area is 14 x 15-1/2 in. (356 x 394 mm). The controller assures pinpoint accuracy of shortening temperature, extending shortening life and producing a uniformly-cooked product. The temperature sensor, mounted on the elements, permits instant response to loads. Self cleaning electric elements have low watt density for increased reliability and extended life. The large cold zone catches crumbs and sediment from the frying area. These particles are trapped in the cold zone where they do not carbonize, contaminate shortening or cling to fried products. Every inch of the stainless steel frypot and cold zone can be cleaned and wiped down by hand.

Features and Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 15½" W x 30 15/16" D x 45 7/16" H
  • Power Output: 14 kilowatts
  • Stainless Steel Pot and Door
  • Specifically designed for high-volume frying
  • Deep cold zone, 1.25" (32 mm) IPS ball-type drain valve
  • Low watt density, long-life heating elements (increased reliability)
  • Open-pot design
  • Boil-out mode for easy cleaning
  • Solid state controller - automatic melt cycle
  • Frymaster's electric fryers are enhanced for improved efficiency, convenience and serviceability.

    CORD only (no plug) provided for 3 phase units. SINGLE PHASE UNITS MUST BE FIELD WIRED. NO CORD OR PLUG PROVIDED. Check electrical codes for proper supply line sizing.

    Frymaster's electric deep-fat fryers afford a major breakthrough in fryer design: solid- state electronics. Solid-state design means fewer moving parts; and that spells RELIABILITY. Extensive laboratory test show the solid state fryer is at least fifteen times more reliable than previous electric models.

    Regardless of the type you use, oil is the most costly component other than food in operating your fryers every year. A typical fast food restaurant will spend more money on oil every year than they spend to buy the fryer. The cleaner your fryer, the cleaner the your oil, the longer its life. Longer oil life can mean major operating cost savings, far outweighing any other cost of operating your fryers.

    Electric fryers are easy to clean because electric elements swing out and up, leaving a frypot that is smooth and open. All sides are exposed, making them easy to scrub and wipe down. There are no nooks and crannies to hide food particles that foul your oil.

    Easy to clean also means quick to clean At the end of a long day, that means less work for your clean up crew and, by the way, less cost to you. Electric fryers easily accommodates frymasters FILTER MAGIC and FOOT PRINT filtration to extend your oil life, the key to major operating cost savings.

    On Frymaster's electric fryers, the ribbon style heating elements are submerged in the oil, providing the best possible efficiency in transferring heat. Energy goes into the oil and not up a flue, as in gas fryers. By eliminating high flue temperatures that are common with gas fryers, there is also significantly less radiant heat to the kitchen with electric fryers. This means a cooler environment for your cooks and less load on your air conditioning system, and lower electric bills.

    These fryers are also the first electric fryers in the U.S to be equipped with an insulated frypot on all sides. This reduces energy standby losses by approximately 10 percent over other electric fryer models on today's market. This feature alone can cut your electric bill by $50-$100 per year, per fryer.

    Solid-state controls make possible a more energy effective melt and warm up cycle. These fryers are programmed at the factory to limit peak electrical demands during warm-ups, which can mean lower electrical demands and thus lower electric bills.

  • Manufacturer Information
    List price:$7,262.00
    Power Information
    Powered by:208/240 volts
    Weight:190 lbs.
    Width:15.63 in.
    Depth:31 in.
    Height:45.5 in.
    Shipping Information
    Packing Charge:$0.00
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    Availability: During checkout you will be able to order in either:

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