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ACityDiscount offers draft beer dispensers, glass frosters, keg coolers, direct draw coolers, kegerators, mug chillers, beer fridges and other bar coolers to meet all your beverage dispensing and beer chilling needs.

ACityDiscount is your leading source for high quality and durable keg coolers and direct draw coolers. We can provide models with a single keg, two keg and three keg capacity, so you are certain to find the right size for your bar, lounge or restaurant.

ACityDiscount can supply beer dispensing accessories, including tower heads, tap handles and portable keg wraps.

Additionally, we supply back bar coolers and glass frosters to chill wine and beer bottles, cans of beer and soda, beer glasses and plates.

Choosing the Right Keg Cooler

Selecting the correct beer dispenser, beer fridge or keg cooler is critical for any bar, lounge or restaurant. We can help you determine the keg cooler or dispenser that fits your bar’s cooling and dispensing needs. To advise you, ACityDiscount has written a Buyer’s Guide How To Configure A Draft Beer System. For specific advice on purchasing a commercial beer dispensing or keg cooler, contact our refrigeration specialists at 404-752-6715.

Purchasing several pieces of new bar equipment can quickly add up. To help save some of your start up funds, contact ACityDiscount for an introduction to an equipment finance company that understands the bar and restaurant business.

ACityDiscount also offers a wide selection of commercial refrigerators for your restaurant or bar from some of the best manufacturers such as Turbo Air, and Arctic Air.

How many types of beer can I serve out of a dispenser?

The number of beer types you will be able to serve will depend on the size of the keg you use for each beer. The smaller the keg is, the larger your variety of beer and vice versa. Generally, each tower holds one half barrel.

Tips from the Experts

When purchasing a beer keg cooler, try to have an understanding of your projected volume. 1 keg equals ½ barrel or 15.5 gallons. If you think your volume may be low and you want to offer a wider variety of beers you can save money by getting a ¼ barrel. One feature that can really make a difference to restaurant owners is having a beer keg cooler that features a mug chiller on the side.