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2013 Incentives For Energy Efficient Georgia Foodservice Operations

As a certified ENERGY STAR® Partner, ACityDiscount proudly offers a wide selection of energy and water efficient equipment.  It is no secret that these pieces will save businesses significantly on their utility expenditures, but there are some other incentives that businesses can cash in on besides lower bills.  There are a number of states that offer rebates for foodservice operations that purchase qualifying pieces of energy efficient equipment, and Georgia is one of them (for information on other states that offer energy rebates, click here).  Here is a list of the foodservice equipment that qualifies in Georgia, and the associated rebates.

Electric Griddles:  Electric griddles are becoming more and more common place in commercial environments, especially with the advent of induction griddles.  As electric griddles become more efficient, they are becoming better suited for commercial kitchens, and Georgia Power has created incentives to push businesses in this direction.  Each electric griddle purchased that is 70% efficient or greater (tested in accordance with ASTM F175) qualifies for a $25 rebate.

Electric Deep Fryers:  Many foodservice operations, especially smaller restaurants and concession stands, opt to limit their gas use and purchase electric fryers.  Many of these smaller businesses purchase countertop fryers, which are primarily manufactured to run on electricity (though there are some countertop gas fryers out there, most are electric).  Both countertop and floor model electric fryers purchased can qualify for a $75 rebate per vat, as long as they are ENERGY STAR® certified.

Commercial Dishwashers:  Commercial dishwashers are some of the biggest energy bandits in a commercial kitchen.  Dishwashers are on the entire time a business is open, and are constantly operating to facilitate cleaning not only FOH, but BOH equipment, tools and utensils as well.  After installing an efficient, ENERGY STAR® certified dishwasher, businesses can qualify a $250 rebate per unit.

Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers:  Commercial refrigerators and freezers are the only pieces of equipment in a commercial foodservice operation that must remain on 24 hours a day.  They are the biggest electrical drain on a commercial foodservice operation, especially given the extreme temperatures that commercial kitchens can reach.  Businesses that purchase ENERGY STAR® certified refrigerators or freezers can qualify for a $75 rebate per unit.

Insulated Heating Cabinets:  Heating and holding cabinets must hold far more specific temperatures than commercial refrigerators or freezers, as they hold food that must maintain proper serving temperatures.  Because of their high intensity energy draw, businesses that purchase ENERGY STAR® certified heating and holding cabinets can qualify for a $200-300 rebate depending on the size of the unit.

There are additional rebates offered by Georgia Power such as offset kitchen equipment wiring rebates as well.  For a complete list of rebates, and more information on these programs, visit the Georgia Power website, and for more information on making your kitchen more energy efficient visit ENERGY STAR®.

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