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Expert Tips For Boosting Beer Sales At Your Restaurant

If your restaurant offers alcoholic beverages, beer is likely one of your biggest selling beverages. With broad appeal and endless variety available, beer is the perfect pair for both casual and refined cuisine. To attract customers and boost beer sales, consider these expert tips.

Consider clientele

Catering your beer selection to your clientele is key to increasing sales. An English pub would do well to feature different beers from those offered at a sushi restaurant, just as expensive imported beer may not play too well at a casual restaurant. Be sure your selection aligns well with your food offerings and what guests desire.

Offer a variety

Variety is the spice of life. Even though your business might have an overarching theme to your beer selection, variety ensures there is something for everyone's taste. From basic domestic draft beers to unique imported microbrews, your beer selection should be broad enough to satisfy your customer base.

Market well

For keg beer, use your tap space wisely. Branded taps across the expanse of the bar can be a great way to advertise varieties to guests and wow them with your selection. Because brew-houses are popping up in cities throughout the country, having a few specialty bottled beers on hand offers guests something new to try. Market these options by placing them on a back bar display cooler that can be easily seen.

Price strategically

Reasonable beer prices allow guests to relax and order a drink or two with their meal. Determine the necessary profit and price your beer offerings competitively. Keg beer tends to have higher profit margins, which gives owners yet another reason to invest in a solid tap system.

Educate Staff

Patrons may not be familiar with all the varieties of beer you carry, so be sure to educate your bartenders and servers on all offerings. This ensures your staff is prepared to answer any guest questions and provide suggestions if necessary.

Serve in Proper Glasseware

Stein, goblet, mug, pint - there are multitudes of glasses that correlate with specific varieties of beer. If you are going for a higher-end experience, having the appropriate glassware is essential. Additionally, every variety of beer has its own proper serving temperature, so be sure to know what temp enhances the flavor of the beers you are bringing in and serve accordingly.

From keg coolers and portable bar carts to back bar bottle coolers or even glassware, be sure you are properly equipped first and foremost. The right equipment will send customers out the door with smiles, and that is the best way to boost beer sales.

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