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Commercial Microwaves: The Right Wattage And Tips For Usage

A microwave oven might not be the first piece of restaurant equipment that comes to mind when deciding what to stock in your commercial kitchen, but virtually every food establishment has one. Getting the right commercial microwave can help cooks work more efficiently by quickly warming a variety of foods.

The first thing to consider when shopping for a commercial microwave is wattage. The higher the microwave's wattage, the faster it will cook foods. ACityDiscount has a variety of microwaves available, ranging from 1,000 watts to 3,200 watts.

Light-duty Commercial Microwaves

Light-duty commercial microwaves (1,000 watts) are best for smaller food service businesses, like coffee shops, bakeries, convenience stores, etc., that will use the microwave 50 or fewer times a day. This wattage will help with simple tasks like warming a pastry or heating soup for a patron.

Medium-duty Commercial Microwaves

Medium-duty commercial microwaves (1,200 - 2,000 watts) are the next level of microwaves food service businesses should consider. These are ideal for sandwich shops, medium-size restaurants and cafes that use the microwave up to 150 times a day. The higher wattage translates to shorter cooking times.

Heavy-duty Commercial Microwaves

Heavy-duty commercial microwaves (2,000 - 3,000+ watts) are the workhorse of a number of kitchens. Busy restaurants stock one of these in the back-of-the-house when quick order turnaround times are necessary. Heavy-duty commercial microwaves can be used 200+ times a day.

Tips from the Experts

A microwave heats the water molecules inside of food, so be sure to verify necessary cook times to prevent food loss.

Use a quality microwave-safe container with good ventilation so food does not become dry, chewy or soggy. Additionally, be sure your microwave cookware is actually microwave safe. There are a number plastics that cannot be used in a commercial microwave, as well as all metals.

The best place for a commercial microwave is on a countertop at waist level. This makes it easy to access foods and reduces the likelihood of spills.

Commercial microwave ovens are still ovens. Keep oven mitts nearby to protect hands from hot containers, food, or steam.

Dishes will splatter and residue will build up inside of a commercial microwave, so it important that they are lept clean. To loosen hard particles, microwave a bowl of water first to soften any cooked on food, and then clean with hot soapy water.

If you have questions about which wattage is right for the commercial microwave for your business, give the ACityDiscount food service industry experts a call at 404-752-6715.

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