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Perfecting the Pizzeria: Get Your Piece of the Pie

By Joanne Ewell - Last updated on 05/12/2016

Picture this – A booming front-of-house filled with hungry crowds, phones ringing off the hook with call in orders, dough being tossed in the back of the house, and the smell of savory cheeses and sauces colliding into one sweet aroma. This could be your pizzeria, let us tell you how!

To Franchise or Not To Franchise

If you have not done so already, determine what matters most to you – having total control over your brand, or bypassing some of the challenges of starting a new pizzeria? If the idea of handing over some of the business and creative input in exchange for pre-established brand awareness, then franchising may be the route for you. However, if you have big ideas for your restaurant’s name, theme, and have a family recipe you plan to put to use, then building your business from the ground up is best. Whichever you choose – or have chosen, there are success secrets and tricks for each trade.

Pizzeria Success Secrets for Franchise

Have the Necessary Capital

According to, one of the common mistakes for franchise failure is capital issues. Make sure that you over estimate operating costs, to leave room for unforeseen expenses – financial cushion is key.

Follow the Formula

You will need to lose your ego if you are coming in under a franchise. Sure, you may have a decade of experience in the industry, and may possibly be more knowledgeable than the franchiser but do not make the mistake of taking the blue print into your own hands or completely disregarding it altogether.

Don’t assume that franchising is a free meal ticket. According to WSJ, “hundreds of franchises fail each year, and reluctance to follow the formula is a leading cause. Though you aren’t building a brand from scratch you are responsible for representing and maintaining a pre-established brand.

Practice Good Management

Another reason why some franchisees fail is lack of good management. Most of the challenges of establishing a reputation for your pizzeria are done, so use this extra time and flexibility to hone your management skills. Do research, take classes or go to seminars – it will be well worth the investment. Remember, no matter the success of the brand as a whole, a poorly trained staff is one of the top mistakes new owners make, and can seriously damage your franchise.

Pizzeria Success Secrets for Standalone

Perfect Your Recipe

Before going into business, make sure that you have perfected your pizza making craft. Whether it is a family recipe passed down from generations, or your very own special formula, ensure that you have it down pat to a science. Test it and re-test. Good pizza is the nucleus of a perfect pizzeria.

Choose the Right Equipment

In order to have the best pizza equipment you will need to know what you need:

Having the proper equipment will help the cooking process go smoothly for your back-of-house staff, and help bring your pizza recipe to life, tastily!

Offer Menu Variety

When opening or running a pizzeria, try offering your guests more than just pizza. You can serve additional dishes like wings, pasta, and salad. (Read the Ingredients & Menu section for an Italian Restaurant).

Market Your Business

Choose a good location for your pizza restaurant… and then market, market, market! Market using online tools like social media to humanize your restaurant, run promotions, and engage with your community. Create loyalty between you and your patrons. It takes time, but these repeat customers will be your business’s support while working to turn new customers into regulars!

Mission Perfect Pizzeria: Complete

Running a pizzeria, whether an independent or a franchise is hard work. Measurable success is gradual, mistakes will happen, and yes, you will be taunted by unexpected troubles. However, if you follow these success secrets, you will have the tools for operating a perfect pizzeria – as perfectly possible.

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