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Setting up a Sizzling Steakhouse

T-bone, sirloin, rib eye… oh my! Steak is an American favorite and you want to get in on the action – we knew you were smart. Starting a steakhouse restaurant is a huge venture. You will want to ensure that you have a strong foundation, mouth-watering steak, great employees, and all of the other ingredients for a sizzling steakhouse. Check out these key factors for success! Steak Dinner at Your New Steakhouse!

Steakhouse Industry

The competition can be stiff for starting a steakhouse. Diners have high expectations, precise taste bud requirements, and let’s face it -- they have many, many options. But don’t let any of this deter you from your quest to steakhouse greatness. One thing that will keep you ahead of the horde is staying abreast of current events that can affect your menu! Be well aware of environmental and socio-economical that could decrease cattle supply or increase beef costs.

Steakhouse Equipment

Next to doing the research of your industry and steak is the importance of choosing the right equipment for your steakhouse kitchen.

Every steakhouse will need a good broiler to get a beautiful caramelization on the steak. This sears the protein so that the juices inside the meat are maintained and limit blood leakage. Keep in mind it takes the broiler about 30-40 minutes to get up to temperature.

Other essential steakhouse gear includes: deep fryers, and of course you can’t forget your char grill. Also consider used restaurant equipment to furnish your steakhouse kitchen if your budget does not allow for brand new equipment pieces.

Types of Steak

This may seem like an obvious part of setting up a steakhouse, but you must know your steak. How else, can you give the people what they want, right? One main way of determining quality in steak is its marbling. Prime cuts have copious marbling, with standard or lower quality having minimal traces of marbling. These are a few of the most popular.

The Ribeye
Versatile in its presentation – you can grill, boil, and pan-fry this juicy piece of meat with ease. It is fatty; however the fat contributes to its flavorful taste and it will have a very marbled appearance.
The Prime Rib
Cut from the rib primal meat and in the US, the bone is removed. The cut is very flavorful and tender since the meat is cut from the upper rib area. Its heavily marbled and does very well in roasting or grilling.
The Tenderloin
The tenderloin is not as fatty as the rib eye. Instead it is known for its tenderness, and has been described as buttery. Taking the pan-fried or grilled approach for this meat takes some mastery to avoid drying it out.
The Strip
A heftier cut steak and considered easy to cook. The strip has a fair amount of marbling. This is also known as the Kansas City strip or the New York strip.
The T-bone
For steak loving customers who can’t choose between the tenderloin and the strip, well they don’t have to! The T-bone steak is 2 steaks in 1, separated by a bone (shaped like a “T”, hence the name). The primary muscle that it is cut from makes up a piece of tenderloin and a piece of the strip… oh yeah.

Ready For a Sizzling Celebration

With constant knowledge of your industry trends, a good understanding of the types of steak you will offer, and the proper steakhouse equipment, you will have some of the necessary tools to start a sizzling, savory, satisfactory steakhouse. So go ahead, choose that wonderful location you’ve been eyeing, take some mouth-watering pictures, market your new restaurant, and start celebrating!

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