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Fire Suppression Systems

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Superior Hoods FIRESUPP-8 Fire Suppression System for 8ft Hood
Superior Hoods FIRESUPP-6 Fire Suppression System for 6ft Hood
Superior Hoods FIRESUPP-10 Fire Suppression System for 10ft Hood
Superior Hoods FIRE SUPP-5 Fire Suppression System for 5\' Hood
Superior Hoods FIRESUPP-12 Fire Suppression System for 12ft Hood
Superior Hoods FIRE SUPP-4 Fire Suppression System for 4\' Hood
Superior Hoods FIRE SUPP-7 Fire Suppression System for 7ft Hood
Superior Hoods FIRESUPP-11 Fire Suppression System for 11\' Hood
Wells WVU-96 96in Cook Zone Ventless Exhaust System w/ Standard Base
Wells WVOC-G136 Ventless Exhaust Range w/ Convection Oven & Griddle
Wells WVOC-2HFG Ventless Exhaust Range w/ Oven, Griddle & Hot Plates
Wells WV-FGRW Ventless Range w/ Drawer Warmers, Griddle & Deep Fryer
Wells WV-2HGRW Ventless Range w/ Drawer Warmers, Griddle & Hot Plates
Wells WVOC-4HF Ventless Exhaust Range w/ Convection Oven & 4 Hot Plates
Wells WVOC-4HS Ventless Exhaust Range w/ Convection Oven & Spiral Burners
Wells WVF-886RW Ventless Fryer w/ Two Drawer Warmers
Wells WV-2HSGRW Ventless Range w/ Drawer Warmers, Griddle & Spiral Burners
Wells WVG-136RW Ventless Range w/ Drawer Warmers & Griddle Top
Wells WV-4HFRW Ventless Range w/ Drawer Warmers & 4 French Style Hot Plates
Wells WV-4HSRW Ventless Range w/ Drawer Warmers & 4 Spiral Burners

Tips from the Experts: "Fire suppression systems need to be approved by certified technicians before they are installed, and inspected often. In high heat kitchens, or kitchens with excessive smoke or flare ups, a specialty fire suppression system may be necessary to prevent an accidental discharge." - Rudy
Free Shipping on all Fire Suppression Systems when ordered with a new Hood, Make Up Air Fan, and Exhaust Fan!

The Pyro Chem Kitchen Knight II Fire Suppression System provides 24-hour fire protection, quick fire detection and suppression, superior wet chemical coverage that exceeds UL 300 standards to quickly suppress fires and prevent re-flash, plus it's easy to clean up.

Not only can ACityDiscount provide a fire suppression system for your new hood, we can also provide assistance in selecting the proper configuration of Fans, Lights, and Accessories for your new Grease Hood System.

For any questions on hood systems, read our Buyers Guide, or call our Hoods Specialists at 404-752-6715.

Your new Fire Suppression System will include:
  • Filled Tank
  • Control Head
  • Propellant
  • Pull-Station to be mounted by an exterior door
  • Gas Shut-off Valve to be installed inline on the main gas supply to the cook line.
  • Pre-installed pipes within the hood. The horizontal runs of black-iron pipe are not inside the hood, but are on the top of the hood and within the exhaust plenum. The only pipes that are visible when the hood is installed are the vertical drops.