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Glass Washers

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ACityDiscount has glass washers that can clean and sanitize up to 2,000 glasses per hour, suitable for hotels, casinos, high volume restaurants and bars. Models include undercounter, front loading, pass through, and rotary glass washers. Many manufacturers offer free shipping! Additional racks are available to stack glasses prior to washing.

Restaurants, nightclubs and bars and other beverage serving establishments use an abundance of glassware that requires cleaning quickly, efficiently and with impeccable results. Glass washers are specifically designed to wash glassware including beer mugs, wine glasses, tumblers and cocktail glasses. Glass washers are most convenient in pubs and bars that have a high turnover of glassware.

Keeping your glassware clean and sanitary is an absolute necessity for all foodservice establishments. Having the essential glassware clean, ready to use when you need it, is critical to the success of your business. Owning a dedicated glass washer can reduce the chances of you not having enough clean glasses ready for the next customer.

ACityDiscount offers a wide selection of commercial glass washers to fit your business needs. We carry several variations of glass washers including front loading undercounter glasswashers, a countertop unit, and free-standing carousel glasswashers. These machines are ideal for bars, lounges, hotels, casinos, and high volume restaurants.

To ensure all your tableware is clean, ACItyDiscount also offers a full range of dishwashers, commercial sinks, and pre-rinse faucets for your commercial kitchen.

Tips from the Experts

"A submersible electric glass washer is a great way to power through stacks of dirty glasses when there's no space behind your bar for an undercounter glass washer. They are more time consuming though, and during rush times a bartender or bar back may not always have the free time to wash glasses." - Hap