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Advice For Frozen Drink Machine Shoppers

Is there anything better than a cold slush on a hot summer day? Whether you're a kid who wants sweet fruity flavors or an adult craving a refreshing cocktail, frozen drinks are an ideal way to boost restaurant sales during warm-weather months. Adding the right frozen drink machine for your operation can not only helps sales, but also streamline the serving process for bartenders.

How Do Frozen Drink Machines Work?

Commercial frozen drink machines are different from those you might use in residential kitchens. These machines do not require ice to be pulverized before creating drinks. Rather, the machines freeze liquid to create tiny ice crystals that make for an extra smooth drink that is difficult to duplicate at home. But how exactly do frozen drink machines work?

A frozen drink machine's components are typically encased in metal, but sometimes they are held inside glass or plastic to give customers a peek at the colorful frozen concoction inside. All of these machines contain a compressor and a sealed cooling cylinder to facilitate the freezing process.

End users add water and/or flavoring mixtures as indicated by the manufacturer, and then turn the machine onto start the cooling process. Slush begins to form on the sides of the cylinder as it is agitated by the auger, which allows for additional slush to form. The drink mixture freezes and is held in a storage area. The cold mixture is typically circulated by plastic mixing paddles so it does not freeze completely or become too thick to be dispensed.

Tips For Purchasing A Frozen Beverage Machine

How often do you need to make new slush? Hopefully you'll be selling so much you will simply add more mixture as needed. Fresh slush is otherwise recommended each day, but many establishments opt to use the original mixture for several days. Businesses that plan to do this, however, should know they must keep the machine running even during off hours to maintain ideal drink consistency.

Depending on the location of your restaurant, you may need to adjust the unit's thermostat to find the ideal temperature. A bar on the beach with thick humidity will likely require that drinks are served at a temperature different from those served in an air-conditioned convenience store. If you have questions about frozen drink machines, call the food industry experts at ACityDiscount at 404-752-6715.

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