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Going Around In Circles: Time Saving Tips For Buying Commercial Blenders

Shopping for a blender isn’t always as easy as it sounds.  In different commercial settings blenders can play incredibly different roles, and it is important that business owners on the hunt for the perfect blender buy one that suits their needs specifically.  Here are a few tips that will help shoppers discern the right blender from the wrong one.

In The Counter Or On The Counter

In many instances, business owners don’t necessarily need their blenders to be portable.  Many commercial blenders can be purchased without the base of the unit, and can be installed directly into a countertop or worktable.  The internal components remain the same, but the non-essential parts of the base and stand are removed to make for easy countertop installation.  This reduces the overall cost of the unit, and can conserve much needed space behind an already crowded bar or at a smoothie shop. 

Silence Magnifies Sound

Businesses that frequently use their blender(s) would do wise to invest in a blender with a sound enclosure.  Blenders are relatively loud pieces of equipment, especially when used to blend things like frozen drinks.  Sound enclosures significantly muffle the noise emitted by a working blender, and nowadays many commercial blenders come standard with them.  The quality of these sound enclosures varies by model, however, and not every sound enclosure will reduce noise in the same way.

Remember, It’s A-Jar

Blender containers, or “jars”, vary by manufacturer and model.  Most manufacturers produce a variety of different jars (some interchangeable, some not) to fit their blenders, and in many cases blender packages will be sold with a number of different jar options.  Most commercial blender manufacturers have a standard jar type that uniquely aids in proper mixing (such as an extra side or unique shape), but many also offer specialty jars with accessories like specialty lids or built-in side scrapers.


The horsepower a blender has is the most critical element to examine when determining how a model should be used.  Higher horsepower machines create more torque, and are more apt to handle higher workloads or blend more viscous materials.  Businesses that intend on using their blender for high volumes of product would do well to purchase a higher horsepower blender, but it should be noted that there are very few commercial blenders that have a motor with less than ½ a horsepower.

Food, Ice, Or Something Nice

There are some models of blenders designed to do specific tasks.  Food blenders, for example, are designed to handle heavier and / or chunkier products, and are intended for use in the BOH.  There are blenders specifically designed to blend food, frozen drinks, milkshakes, and even some intended to operate near silently.  Shop around and find a model that is specifically intended to be use as you intend it to be used in your business.

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