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Draw in Your Customers with the Perfect Espresso

It’s true – Americans are hooked on their favorite morning brew. A whopping 83 percent of Americans drink coffee, according to the National Coffee Association. That’s a lot of love for java! With coffee drinks in such high demand, opening a coffee shop might be the business opportunity you’ve been looking for.

Of course the beans are the mainstay of any great coffee shop, but to truly melt hearts and create loyal customers, you need to be able to give them something that energizes them while tantalizing their taste buds, and nothing will warm their hearts more than the perfect espresso.

Creating the ideal super-caffeinated concoction isn’t as simple as just buying espresso beans and throwing them into a standard coffee brewer. To set up your restaurant for success and create the drinks your java-savvy customers demand, you need to invest in a quality espresso machine.

To get the right one, you need to understand more about this critical piece of restaurant equipment. To start, an espresso machine uses pressurized water to extract coffee from finely ground coffee beans. The result is a very rich, highly concentrated form of coffee that can either be sipped alone or used as the base for other popular coffee-shop drinks like lattes, café mochas, cappuccinos, macchiato and the café Americano.

There are three main types of espresso machines. Traditional manual espresso machines produce great results, but the barista will need skill to operate it. For busy coffee shops, manual espresso machines aren’t sustainable because they take too much time to operate.

A great hybrid option is the semi-automatic espresso machine. Simple for virtually anyone to use, these machines allow the user to adjust steam temperature and brewing pressure, but they still have many automatic features to make production much quicker.

The final option is the automatic espresso machine that can be programmed to brew a variety of coffee drinks. All employees need to do is press the appropriate button and voila!, the machine does the rest. This is the best option for busy cafes and restaurants.

Have questions about what espresso machine is right for your startup? Call at 404-752-6715 to speak directly to experts in the restaurant-supply industry.

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